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Restoring the Pleasure

 Whether you've been married a day, a decade, or half a century, if your sexual relationship is marred by pain, tension, or disappointment - you are not alone. Thousands of couples struggle with sexual problems that keep their marriage from being all that God intended them to be. But there is hope!

Now, sexual therapists and best-selling authors Joyce and Cliff Penner share their proven methods in this comprehensive, easy-to-follow book of detailed explanations, realistic anecdotes, and clearly written exercises. Providing the biblical basis for the sexual relationship, as well as helpful diagnostic aids, the Penners help you improve communication and educate yourselves about your God-given sexual response.

Then they lead you step-by-step through creative sexual-retraining assignments to help you overcome problems. The Penners provide staightforward advice and reassuring encouragement to help you start restoring the pleasure to your marriage.